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The Nelson County Garden Club 

Founded 1935 

      Flower Fiesta 2015

There were seventeen members present and six guests.  Guests included Rachael Smith, reporter for the Nelson County Times, her mother, Robin Smith, Times photographer Lee Luther, Jr., The meeting opened with a poem read by Jeanne Lawson, especially composed for the occasion by her husband,David. 


The room was full of buckets of flowers, work tables, tools and people bustling around the room assembling their equipment and themselves.  The creative juices began to flow.  The program began with a demonstration on paper by Karla Murray of possible designs based on the containers she saw around the room.  “Think outside the box.  Break out of the mold.” she told us.  “Go wild!  A design should seem to grow from the container. A static design can appear to move with grasses as though bending in the wind.  Think about using natural sticks such as Harry Lauder Walking stick, grapevine, curly willow and twisted wood.  Designs can look hot or cold depending on the colors used.”  

 Experts from the club helped with advice.  Bernice advised us that a design and its container should be in harmony.  An elegant container should hold elegant flowers and not “sporty” flowers such as zinnias.  Karla put it this way, “Don’t put a formal vase with a natural design.”

The following information comes from the Nelson County Times August 13 issue.  Reporter Rachael Smith wrote - “Gardening is an art.  Though oftentimes people may not put too much thought into the artwork behind a flower arrangements, after one meeting with the Nelson County Garden Club, flowers and plants may seem changed to the eye.” 

Karla offered advice on “trends,” and was quoted as saying “light and airy is in” and “thriller-filler-spiller is out.”  Jeanne Lawson told Rachael Smith, “You just look at things differently, your eyes change.  This was the first time we’ve done something like this where we just go and do it.”  Rachael goes on to describe the scene “… sage, zinnias, daisies, chickweed and other flowers filled the space with color and fragrance.  The women plucked their choice of flowers out of various containers and buckets in the room to fill a vase that they took home later in the day.”


Rachael gives readers information about the club, meeting dates, membership fee and planned outings. “Dorothy Lee Giles, aged 91, a professional gardener, gave advice to club members on their arrangements.”  She quotes Dorothy Lee. “When you decorate a room, you pick a particular spot or a color and you let everything flow into that, so when you do your flowers, you think about the same thing.  A butterfly should be able to fly through it.”  The article ended with Jeanne Lawson saying, “She holds dear the friendships she has made within the club.”  And that is so true.  It was an exciting meeting, and everyone who was present wants to repeat.