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The Nelson County Garden Club 

Founded 1935 

             Christmas Luncheon 2015

On Friday, December 4, 2015, we held our annual Christmas luncheon at Cavalry Baptist Church in Lovingston, Va.  We have our traditions for this luncheon - the main dish is always fried chicken - and the vegetables, salads and desserts are homemade recipes of the members.

      Jackie Britt is the mistress of ceremonies for the event which includes games and prizes.  Decorations for the tables were the small Christmas trees made the day before the luncheon to be sold at the Christmas market the next day - at least that it where they were originally headed.  Many were bought that day at the luncheon by members. The flower arrangement for this event is traditionally a decorated box with fresh or dried plant material.  Our judge was Grace Morris.  Numbers are drawn, and the decorated boxes containing a gift are chosen by the numbers.  We always have a good time at this event.